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A varied journey through Renaissance music to Eighteenth-century Baroque music.

Whispers of love in Venice

Music by Claudio Monteverdi,Barbara Strozzi,
Tarquinio Merula,Giovanni Felice Sances.
two singers,alto viol, harpsichord, theorbo

Omnia vincit Amor

The love feeling in Monteverdi’s music represented in four scenes
Five singers and four musicians (harpsichord, organ,harp, theorbo,archlute)

Monteverdi’s Legacy in Venice

the art of Madrigale from Claudio Monteverdi to Barbara Strozzi
six singers, two violins, violone, harpsichord, harp, theorbo

La Conversione  di  Maddalena

G.BONONCINI ( Modena 1670-Vienna 1747)
Oratorio à 4 con instromenti
soprano, soprano, alto,bass
six violins, two alto,cello, bass viol ,doublebass, theorbo,harpsichord/organ.

La “Virtuosissima Cantatrice”

A portrait of Barbara Strozzi.
Soprano,two violins, cello, harp, harpsichord, theorbo


With Round M, La Venexiana has conceived a programme that bridges Monteverdi’s music with the world of the 21st century were the sound of the saxophone, the magic of voice enables the melodies and harmonies of the 17th century to be updated to the present.
Works by Monteverdi, Sances, Marini, Merula, Strozzi and Ferrari.
soprano, jazz saxophone, drum set, 2 violins, theorbo, double bass, harpsichord

L’Arte del Madrigale

A selection of madrigals from Quinto, Sesto, Settimo, Ottavo Libro by Claudio Monteverdi.
Six singers, two violins, alto, gamba, violone , theorbo, harp, harpsichord

Ecstasy and tears  of love.

Musical labyrinths between love passions and harmonic oddities in the music of
C.Gesualdo, B.Strozzi and ,C.Monteverdi.
Six singers, harpsichord, harp, theorbo

Chiare fresche dolci acque

Walloon  composers in Italy  in  the Sixteenth Century
Music by  J. Arcadelt , O. Di Lasso
Five singers, two lutes, sopran viol ,tenor viol, bass viol

Il Concerto della Dame

The secret music in the court of Alfonso d’Este in Ferrara, music by Luzzasco Luzzaschi
Three singers, bass viol, harp, lute, harpsichord

Va speme infida !

Italian chamber duets by G. Bononcini and G.F.Handel
two singers, cello, harpsichord, theorbo

Coffee break with Bach!

Triosonate BWV 1039 (two violin and B.C.)
Non sa chi sia dolor BWV209 (S, flute, strings and B.C)
Triosonate BWV 1038 (flute, violin and B.C.)
Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht BWV 211 (S,T,B, flute, strings and B.C)

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